Your workshop can be accessed through the Event Hub. You will receive an email on how to access your Event Hub within 7 days of the event start date. 

From the Event Hub you can connect to your live workshop via Zoom. Individual Zoom links will not be provided, instead you’ll need to access your workshop through the Event Hub. You will be required to have a computer, tablet or mobile device, and a strong internet connection. 

For tablets and mobile devices, the Zoom app is available in the app store of your choice. To locate technical specifications for using a tablet or mobile device, please click here. If you are using a desktop computer and wish to locate the technical specifications, please click here. Be sure to download or update the most recent version of Zoom prior to your workshop. We suggest testing your device with Zoom prior to your workshop.

If you previously downloaded the Zoom app, please update to make sure you have the most recent version. This will help you avoid any technical problems, and there are features in the new version you will not be able to see if you do not update. As of today, the most recent update is version 5.7.4. Click here for information on how to update. 

Test Zoom on Your Device

We highly recommend a strong internet connection so the video does not delay or buffer. Zoom suggests at least 2 MPBS upload and download speed from your internet service provider.

Test Your Internet Speed